askBetty is now VG OnDemand Same great service, now with more power at your fingertips.

askBetty is now Virtual Gurus OnDemand

The story of askBetty has come to an end.

The story of great admin support continues with VG OnDemand.

VG OnDemand

Is your upgraded personal admin ally. Whether you’re ticking off your to-do list or tackling a time-sensitive project, we ensure every task is handled with the precision and promptness you cherished with askBetty.

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Socials Supercharged

Eye-catching content, savvy scheduling, and boosted audience engagement

Content Crafted

Blogs, articles, graphics, and presentations that really pop

Finance Fuss Free

Seamless bookkeeping, regular reports, and well-organized data

Research Refined

Market insights, potential leads, and targeted analysis

Events Effortlessly

End-to-end event planning, coordination, and sourcing of party perks

Life Organized

Travel bookings, special occasions, calendar management, and more…

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